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Shearwater Indexing

Back-of-book indexing

and editorial services

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An index is an essential selling point to both the serious scholar and the casual reader. It demonstrates the contents in multiple, easily searchable formats, and promises easy access to all the information in the book.

A good index is indispensable if the book is to be of full value to a reader or researcher.

Our Approach


A professional indexer understands indexing conventions and can extract and organize the information in your book into an index that meets your standards, whether general or scholarly, and is presented in the publisher's specific style, all within the time allotted for indexing at the end of the publishing process.


In addition, a professional indexer pro- vides a fresh set of eyes to help pro-duce a quality text. Because it requires listing every name and concept in the book, indexing inevitably uncovers errors and inconsistencies that even the most careful proof read will miss.

Our Team


We emphasize collaboration with the author to produce an index that will give the reader multiple entry points and provide the researcher with easy access to both the names and facts and the concepts and insights in the text, without imposing our own interpretation of the information or structure of the book.


It is our responsibility to submit the index on time and in the format required by the Publisher. As appropriate, we plan for a thorough discussion by email or phone with the author and for any necessary revisions. The manuscript that goes to the Publisher is one the author approves and is happy with.

Our Projects


See some of our published indexes. We index academic titles, trade books, history, archaeology, gender and wo-men's studies, Afro-American history, Latin-American history, and literary and art history.




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